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kittens and retired adults available

Donegal Cattery
Himalayan Cat Breeder & Persian Cat Breeder
Hampstead, North Carolina (Southeastern NC near Wilmington)

IMPORTANT: Donegal Cattery is now offering a program called AOGO (Adopt One Get One). For each qualified adoptive parent of a Donegal kitten, one retired adult cat from a specific list is offered (client's choice) at no additional adoption fee, while available. All retirees come already spayed or neutered. This only applies to kitten clients. There will be an adoption fee if you are only interested in an adult. So if you would like to adopt a kitten and an adult that the kitten already knows, ask about AOGO.


If your internet search for the following phrases led you to this page, you need look no further for your next addition of a Himalayan or other pattern of Persian kitten or cat to your family.

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Please click on the “Important changes…” link below and read it before you inquire about a kitty. Recent regulation of breeders requires that we meet face to face. You or a family member or friend that you designate must be willing to travel to get your Donegal kitty to comply with the regulation.


I require that all adoptive parents for a kitten or cat sign a contract which provides a generous health guarantee and an extended HCM health guarantee through the age of six years with certain requirements on the part of the adoptive parents.


All Donegal Cattery Himalayan and Persian breeding cats receive cardiac ultrasounds beginning at the age of two years to screen for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy). Most, but not all, will show some cardiac changes by that age. This is all I can do to check for this disease, which has now reached an incidence rate of about 40% in the Persian breed. You can read more about this increasingly prevalent disease on the Health Page HCM on this web site.

Elevated blood pressure and heart murmurs can be a sign of HCM, but they can also signify something else. Many cats will have the genetically inherited HCM and show no outward signs of the disease. That’s why cardiac ultrasound is critical in detecting HCM. Once the baseline ultrasound for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy has been done, scanning for HCM is then performed approximately every two years to help find any positives and cull them from breeding. By doing this Donegal kittens will have the best possibility of having a life free of this disease. It is not a guarantee because there is currently no genetic DNA test for it in the Persian breed. But I am working on that as well with a researcher who is already doing a study on HCM in Persian cats. With every kitten or cat adopted from Donegal Cattery a donation is made to the Winn Feline Foundation for the Persian HCM Fund which was set up specifically for this research. Anyone can donate to this extremely important cause.

kittens available

Kittens for Pets:

Peepers Peepers

Tortie Lynx Point Female Himalayan
(Chip X Tailer)
Name: Peepers (for her silent voice)
Available as a pet
DOB: 6/16/2021

Rambo Rambo

Brown Classic Tabby & White Male Bicolor Persian
(Chip X Serra)
Name: Rambo (temporarily named by a friend)
Available as a pet
DOB: 6/15/2021

retired adults available

please check our HandiCats Available page for Adults Available with Special Needs

Donegal Cattery is down-sizing to be able to retire permanently in the year 2022. The following adults are ready for adoption. You can see their photos on the Sires and Dams pages.


None available at this time



Donegal’s Love on the Horizon, aka Rizzo (Tortoiseshell Persian)


HIMALAYAN colors: (regular, lynx, & point and white-often called a bicolor Himalayan)
Seal Point, Flame Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, Cream Point, Lilac Point, Tortie Point, Chocolate Tortie Point, Blue Cream Point, & Lilac Cream Point. All of these colors are possible in the regular Himalayan pattern, the lynx point pattern (tabby striping in the point color), the point and white pattern (bicolor intermingled in the points replacing some of the color with white), and the point and white lynx pattern (bicolor intermingled in the lynx points).

PERSIAN colors:(solid, particolor, tabby, & bicolor-including calico)
SOLID & PARTICOLOR: Black, Red, Tortoiseshell (Tortie), Chocolate, Chocolate Tortoiseshell, Blue, Cream, Lilac, Blue Cream, Lilac Cream
TABBY:  Brown Tabby, Red Tabby, Chocolate Tabby, Brown Patched Tabby, Chocolate Patched Tabby, Blue Tabby, Cream Tabby, Lilac Tabby, Blue Patched Tabby, Lilac Patched Tabby
BICOLOR: Black and White, Red and White, Chocolate and White, Blue and White, Cream and White, Lilac and White, Calico (black, red & white), Chocolate Calico (chocolate, red & white), Dilute Calico (blue, cream & white), Lilac Calico (lilac, cream & white)

I allow for visitations and send periodic photos throughout the kitten’s development. By the time these babies are ready for their new homes they will have received all core vaccinations: two Intranasal 3 in 1 immunizations (3 weeks apart) and the Merial Adjuvant-free Rabies shot (with certificate and tag). In addition, they receive a Bordatella vaccination and a veterinarian examination at sixteen weeks of age. They are ready to go to their new homes the following day barring a setback in the vaccination schedule or a need for an additional 2 in 1 vaccination. In that event they will be held until eighteen weeks of age.

Pet buyers are required to spay or neuter at six months of age or older and provide proof from their veterinarian to the breeder. Without that proof CFA registration papers will not be provided. Show/Breeder buyers receive their kitten's blue slip with pin number upon final payment for their kitten.

To inquire about a particular kitten or adult cat listed on this page or the HandiCats Available page, please fill out the inquiry form on the Contact Us page of this site.

Without my husband’s provision and the grace of God none of this would be possible. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my dream of breeding these lovely creatures. I treat each and every baby as if it were going to be mine, and can only hope that they bring as much joy to their adoptive parents as they continually bring to me.


Health is a major concern at Donegal Cattery. All Donegal breeding cats are DNA PKD (polycystic kidney disease) Negative, tested at UC Davis Genetics Laboratory and/or Texas A&M Research Facility (Catgenes). All breeding cats receive cardiac ultrasounds by the age of two at The Sound Cat in Wilmington, NC (veterinarian: Rosemarie Williams, DVM). Any cats with ultrasounds that indicate signs of HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), a genetic disease which causes an enlarged heart, are retired from the breeding program. Ultrasound is currently the only definitive test for this disease. There is no DNA test currently available for any type of Persians, only for Maine Coons and Ragdolls.

Please visit the HEALTH ISSUES pages on this web site for more information about HCM, PKD and FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) to see how Donegal Cattery is contributing to the elimination and/or control for these diseases.

NUTRITION is critical to raising healthy Himalayans and other Persian kittens. Donegal Cattery uses the highest quality foods available for nurturing kittens and maintaining healthy breeding cats. Please visit the NUTRITION pages for information on the recommendations for foods and supplements.


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Health Page - FIP

Nutrition L-Lysine
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