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HandiCats Adopted
Past Special Needs Kittens and Cats

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Luciano Luciano

Donegal’s Luciano Pawfurotti
Cream Persian Neutered Male

Chano’s placement was one of my AOGO (Adopt One Get One) successes. Brandi Stanley fell in love with Jet Lignite, a black male Persian neutered kitten. When she saw that Chano was available for an “adoption duo” she happily accepted him as Jet’s buddy. They were playmates while residing here. Chano has stress-related tachycardia controlled on Atenolol. His symptom was deep chest breathing while stressed. My veterinarian ordered a Cardiopet to test for an enzymatic marker for heart disease. When coupled with an ultrasound they showed no cardiac changes indicative of HCM or other cardiac malady. He has normal blood pressure and no heart enlargement. Chano was placed on Atenolol so that he can handle any type of excitement. Chano and Jet are now living happily with Brandi and her family.

Riverdance Riverdance

Riverdance has relented to living with Wonder (see Adults Adopted page) and Rachel Elliott. It was a challenging adjustment after residing at Donegal Cattery for six years. It didn’t help that she is a typical tortie, but she is adjusting. It’s a good thing that Rachel is a patient adoptive Mom. Thank you, Rachel.


Moondoggie Moondoggie

Donegal’s Moondoggie
Black Persian Neutered Male
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)
Taking Atenolol Daily
Born 8/13/05

There truly isn’t a sweeter boy than Moondoggie, a lap sitter and a snuggler. While in a deep sleep you will hear his characteristic moan-like snore. Moondoggie was diagnosed with HCM at the age of six. He had only a slight enlargement of the heart at the time of diagnosis and did not yet require medication. As of 2014, his heart had sustained some additional enlargement and he is now on Atenolol.

This boy was the pride and joy of my best friend Kathy Proulx who died suddenly at the young age of 52 on January 31, 2014. Listed with Moondoggie’s photos is a photo of Kathy giving my cats some “chickum.” I reclaimed him from her husband after her death as he wasn’t interested in caring for him. Kathy loved her Moondoggie and Cha Cha, who is his black Persian half-sister that I had previously inherited back at her husband’s insistence. Kathy was heartbroken at losing her Cha Cha.

Moondoggie was meant for greater things however. When I was contacted by Rebecca Wall who was seeking an adult cat she could use as a therapy cat (visiting nursing homes and hospitals), Moondoggie was the first cat that came to mind. And Rebecca said that was the very cat she was interested in adopting. He has the perfect personality and sees no one as a stranger who will give him affection. I received the following message from Rebecca shortly after Moondoggie’s arrival in his new home:

“I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful it is to have Moondoggie in the house. I feel like I was meant to have him. I adore him!!! If I leave him alone in the room, he makes a loud meowing noise to get me to come back in…and most of the time I do.:) I have been showing him to the kids each night when we skype, and Lorelei is already in love. It’s the weirdest feeling, but I feel complete, like we were missing him from our lives. He is so sweet, gentle, laid back, and loving. In fact, it took me a long time to write this because he crawled on top of the laptop to get some snuggles and fell asleep on my lap on the keyboard. When the kids get back I will send you some pictures. I look forward to getting him certified as a therapy cat….”

After a month in his new home and upon her children’s return home I received this message regarding Moondoggie:

“I just had to tell you that he is always seeking out my son and I and he curls up next to us and ‘makes biscuits’ and purrs so lovingly…when I called my daughter to the kitchen she yelled back at me that SHE COULD NOT MOVE! I went into the family room and there he was curled up to her side massaging her with his little paws. She was in heaven and so was Moondoggie. We are so happy we contacted you…Moondoggie just makes us feel so good!”

The kids gave Moondoggie a birthday party. I’m sure he just bathed in all the attention. I can’t wait to see some photos of him in his new career as a therapy cat. He had good training, providing my friend Kathy with therapy whenever she needed it. Happy trails, Moondoggie!


special needs kitten special needs cat

CH Donegal’s Tow the Line (aka Toby)
Seal Lynx Point Himalayan Neutered Male
Right Eye Sequestrum & Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Taking Atenolol and antibiotic eye drops daily.
Born 10/28/08.

You can’t ask for a better personality in a kitty than Toby. He is a talker, toucher, kisser, and lap sitter. Toby seemed destined for a promising career as a show kitty from the time he was a baby. His eye color is an intense blue and his ears are small, something not easily attained on a lynx point Himalayan. But after a short show career he developed some rapid breathing and on 3/22/10 a cardiac ultrasound revealed an enlargement in the heart, verifying that he is positive for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy).

Later, he developed an eye ulcer which turned into a sequestrum even though it was treated aggressively. It is small now and doesn’t seem to bother him, so the veterinarian ophthalmologist said that he can live with it, preventing further exacerbation with an antibiotic eye drop combined in plain Refresh OTC eye drops given once a day.

Toby is now living with his forever family with one of Donegal’s kittens called Fin, another Persian named Prada, a small dog named Coby, two boys, and their parents. The most wonderful part of his placement was how he has changed the life of one of the young boys. Cortland is a 10 year old who was, along with his brother and mother, a victim of a home invasion a few months ago (early 2014). He was so traumatized by the ordeal that he wouldn’t sleep in his own bedroom. When I took Toby to their home, not far from Donegal Cattery, we set up Cortland’s bedroom as Toby’s transition room, giving him and the rest of the household time to adapt to the newcomer.

Cortland and his mother stayed in that room with Toby the first few nights, with Cortland excited about Toby sleeping between them on his bed. After a few days, Cortland knew that he was safe with Toby sleeping with him in his room and he is back to sleeping in his own bed.

Stories like this literally bring tears to my eyes. With as much as I love Toby, I knew that I couldn’t keep all of my breeding cats upon retirement. I also knew that his being such a lover would make him a good fit for adoption. Never would I have dreamed he would be a successful therapy treatment for a traumatized child. Even Cortland’s Dad is in love with Toby, who begs him every morning to pick him up before he goes to work. I am thrilled for Toby’s family, and am very proud of yet another Donegal cat. Ata boy, Toby!



Read on and you will see some of the successful placements of past “special needs” babies and experience vicariously the joy they have brought to their new families. The art of breeding sweet, beautiful Persian cats has given me many years of great joy, especially when I find families like Johnny and Becky Thompson whose hearts couldn’t resist Slingshot (who lost an eye) and Clay-Clay (with a corrected cleft palate), two of the Thompson’s adopted Donegal babies shared in the photos below.

Please note: The following are just examples of successful “special needs” kitty placements. They are not available.

Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens

Seal Lynx Point Himalayan Neutered Male
Atrophic Left Eye

This kitty was named for David’s weapon that killed the death giant, Goliath.
Slingshot, who loved to roll over as a baby, was the only survivor of a litter of four.
He is part of the Johnny & Becky Thompson Clan.
One of the Donegal kitties he shares his home with is Clay-Clay, seen below.


<Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens

Cassius Clay
Red Persian Neutered Male
Soft Palate Cleft Surgically Repaired & Secondary Sinusitis

A cleft of the soft palate wasn’t going to stand in his way of having a long life.
I hand-fed this boy until he was able to eat soft food at around 3 months of age.
Then he was tube-fed for two weeks after his surgery to correct the hole in his palate.
Clay-Clay was a fighter from day one. He is “the Greatest.”


Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens
Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens Donegal Himalayans Breeders of Healthy and Quality Himalayan and Persian Kittens

Placido Domewngo (renamed Rocky)
Cream Persian Neutered Male
A frozen jaw wasn’t enough to keep this boy from getting the most out of life.
Rocky now has a wonderful life with an adoptive Mom
who fell in love with him the moment she first saw him.
Fused Right Jaw Surgically Repaired

Rocky is another Donegal kitty that fought for his life. I’m grateful to Janice Sims who adopted Placido Domewngo (one of the litter named after the three tenors while being born to classical music). His brothers were named Jose’ Catreras and Luciano Pawfurotti. Placido is now called Rocky. His adoptive Mom renamed him because of the fighter from the movie, Rocky, and because his life had such a “rocky” start. A birthing trauma caused the right side of his jaw to gradually fuse in the first few weeks of life, leaving him barely enough room to syringe feed. He was hand fed from day three. Rocky had his jaw broken by our local surgeon (Ned Williams, DVM in Wilmington, NC) at three months of age to give him more room to feed. Then he performed a radical jaw surgery at five months of age, removing a portion of the jaw to allow motion on that side. His surgeon was very pleased with his recovery and Rocky is subsequently able to eat and drink on his own and living happily ever after with his adoptive Mom.


black persian cat black persian cat black persian cat

Sandy Duncan (now Midnight Muse)
Black Persian Spayed Female
She was a trouper, just like the actress Sandy Duncan.
She never let her bad eye hold her back from playing with the others.
And no photo can tug at your heartstrings like the one of Nadia receiving her precious baby!
Atrophic Right Eye

Of course, I can’t forget the sweet letter from Nadia, Julie Medlin’s daughter, telling me how she truly wished she could have Sandy Duncan, Raisin’s pretty black Persian girl with one bad eye like Slingshot’s. Nadia drew me a picture of Sandy Duncan in that letter, and Julie knew that Sandy would have to join the family to become Nadia’s baby. Sandy is the Raisinette in the picture on the far left. When asked if I could post Nadia’s photo on my web site, Julie replied on September 9, 2012 with the following:

"By all means!! Please use the photo! Midnight is Nadia's pride and joy and continues to provide our family with PURE HAPPINESS! I have never loved a pet as much as Midnight; she is the apple of our eyes!

She just celebrated her 2nd birthday and you can watch the singing video on you tube under Midnight Muses' 2nd birthday party. She got a new collar, cat nip toy, cat nip and fake nails for her birthday.

We just love her to pieces- THANK YOU SO MUCH!"


lacey lacey lacey

Who’s Your Daddy (formerly Hoosier, now Lacey)
Tortie Point Himalayan Spayed Female
A true tortie, Lacey was wild and fun from time she was a baby.
And her kittens were no exception with names like
Hot Wheels (Hotty), Hell on Wheels (Hellon), & Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ (Cruiser).
Lacey’s heritage has been passed on with her seal lynx point daughter Susy in Canada.
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Then there is Hoosier (so named for the accidental breeding of her parents, the sire of which had to be determined by DNA). She was CFA registered as Who’s Your Daddy. Tim Goodson desired an adult companion cat. Hoosier was three and a half years old when we discovered she has HCM. It was in the early stages so no medicine was required at that point, and Tim found he couldn’t resist her. She was spayed and he adopted her as his buddy. Tim has Hoosier’s veterinarian monitor her cardiac status regularly. I received an email from him on September 3, 2012, a couple of years after placing Hoosier with Tim. He wrote the following:

“I adopted Hoosier from you over two years ago and just wanted to let you know she's doing fine. I wanted to thank you because she brings me so much joy on a daily basis. I would like to send you new pictures but I no longer have your email address. Thank you for a great addition to my family.”


fredo fredo fredo

Donegal’s Fettuccini Alfredo
(Fredo) Flame Lynx Point Himalayan Neutered Male
Left Eye Sequestrum
Born 1/6/12

No kitty can love a human more than Fredo. He is a lap sitter and a snuggler, and loves to talk. He is also a very big boy with a beautiful soft coat who flies through the air for a toy called Da Bird. We call it “going fishing.” Fredo started out with show potential. But he didn’t quite have everything I felt was necessary for show, ears a little big, eye color a little pale. So I listed him on the Available page as a pet. He became available for adoption late May, 2012. While I was at a family reunion that summer, Fredo developed an eye ulcer in his left eye. Though it was caught early he still went on to develop pigmentation leading to a sequestrum between the center and inner corner of the eye. It developed in late June, 2012 and as of January, 2013 Fredo was well into the process of sloughing it off. My veterinarian removed what was remaining as a favor to me to help speed up his healing.

It was in that month that Fredo found his way into the hearts of Kimberly Bone and her mother, Jerri Baxley. Kim felt it was time for her mother to have a new kitty having lost their black Persian boy several years ago. When Kim's daughter Julia saw Fredo's white mustache, she immediately thought of the actor named Willfred Brimley from Walton's Mountain and the diabetes commercial. It seemed like a well-suited name for a cat with a white mustache nicknamed Fredo. He has fallen in love with Joe and Jerri Baxley, his human companions in his forever home. He follows Jerri everywhere and holds frequent conversations with her.

Fredo misses his brother Fazi, and Fazi misses him, but he knows that Fredo has been blessed with loving humans and is very happy for him. Fredo is also happy and now it appears that Fredo's happiness has given a new spin on Donegal's HandiCats, revealed in the words of Kim Bone a few weeks after Fredo's placement.

February 6, 2013

Even though he looks so much like Mr. Brimley, mom decided to keep his official name, Fettucini Alfredo. She believes that he recognizes being called Fredo and didn't want to confuse him. What a wonderful addition to the family he has become. He does follow Mom around everywhere and is a constant talker. He's eagerly awaiting the UPS man to deliver a package with his new "Da Bird" toy that I ordered him. I'm a bit concerned that he's nudging me out of my parent's good graces and is trying to take my place as the rightful heir. :) Thank you again for letting us have the pleasure of such a special kitty. He's not a "HandiCat" any longer, he's a "HappiCat". Sincerely, Kim Bone


So, you see, every life has worth and every kitten or adult cat from Donegal Cattery deserves a home with someone who will love and care for that kitty for the rest of its life. If you are one of those people or couples who have a huge heart, then I have just the kitty for you. These “special needs” kittens and cats typically develop the sweetest personalities (possibly from the extra attention). They are talkers, lap sitters, kissers, and body snugglers. On occasion there will be a cat who just wants to be cared for and to grace your home with their beauty and the skill of playful hunting. If you would like to add one of our available “special needs” kitties to your family, please let me know through the Contact Us page on this web site. Tell me which kitty you are interested in, a little about your family and/or your life, and why you have chosen one of these special angels. And you, too, may become the buddy or parents of some of the most wonderful gifts of God to the world of Persian cats.

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